Designing against Apathy?

In a True Democracy, the status quo is constantly challenged. However, the power brokers invested in this status quo are not lame ducks, unarmed. In fact, the biggest weapons of the status quo are mass political retardation and apathy. 

As such, to be responsible citizens in a True Democracy, we must regularly question and critically think. Diametrically opposed to this is the fuss and hype over Halimah Yacob’s cute twitter icon, a pretty shiny thing that dazzles and more importantly, distracts.

The tools to challenge and undermine these power structures are available to us and are buzzwords often used in business management. Adversarial Design, Design Thinking, Disruption are all methodologies that constructively contest the status quo, creating short term discomforts for the long term betterment of the organisation. In the private sector, we call this innovation. 

How and why is it then that we continue to insist on existing in this insular bubble of apathy and nonchalance?